Annual milk carton boat races stay dry with portage competition

It’s a tradition unlike any other: the annual milk carton boat race in Minneapolis.

Usually, the event takes place on Bde Maka Ska, but because of high E. coli levels in the water, the races were moved on land this year.

Rather than paddling across the lake, the now dubbed “Milk Carton Portage Boat Races” will have competitors carrying their handmade boats on land.

While it wasn’t ideal, those involved made sure it was a seamless transition.

"I don't think it slowed anybody down, really. The milk carton races got moved on land, and they've jumped right in and done lots of races, and then the sand castles are well underway,” said Jackie Paul, a 2019 Aquatennial Captain.

The carton races and sand castle competition were just two of the many Aquatennial events happening this week in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, four beaches in the city remain closed due to high E. coli levels in the water.

Officials say they’ll re-sample the beaches Monday.