A top TSA official at Minneapolis airport resigns

A top official for the troubled division of TSA at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is leaving his job. TSA says his departure is voluntary. 

In a statement, Federal Security Director at MSP Cliff Van Leuven said George Beech is leaving for a position in the private sector. Beech served as the Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening at MSP for the last two and a half years.

"Mr. Beech is a valued member of the TSA leadership team at MSP,” Van Leuven said. “His experience and insight will be missed. “

For the last year and a half the Fox 9 Investigators have documented a series of security failures at MSP.  Other members of the TSA management team at MSP have told Congressional investigators of systemic failures at MSP, blaming a management culture more concerned with customer experience than airport security.