40 dogs brought to Minnetonka shelter after rescue from commercial breeder

A pack of dogs, rescued from a commercial breeder in Missouri, are searching for new homes in Minnesota.

The dogs arrived in town early Sunday morning after a long road trip with volunteers from "Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest."

Now, volunteers will take them home to foster as they search for a new forever home.

"Most of these dogs have never been in a home before," explained volunteer Carolyn Maset. "So they are, more than likely, going have to learn how to be a house dog, how to be a family member."

"So that, the acclimation and rehabilitation time, could take anywhere from a few weeks to months," added Maset. "Depending on how they acclimate."

The dogs will be up for adoption after that point, Maset says.

You can visit the organization's website for more information.