37 dogs rescued from 'deplorable' conditions at Bloomington warehouse

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Thirty-seven dogs are safe after being rescued from a Bloomington warehouse by police and the Animal Humane Society.

“Some of them, multiple animals to individual small kennel crates, deplorable sanitary conditions, no water, no existing food,” said Keith Streff with the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society.

Nearby tenants called police on Tuesday after they could hear increased barking and smell the animals through the walls.

“I’d never seen anything like it, me being a dog owner and having dogs of my own, I don’t want that to happen and that’s why I called,” said Josh Banta.

The dog’s owner, Bethany Beilby of Bloomington, was arrested on probable cause animal neglect. Bielby runs a non-profit called the Luv Me Again Animal Rescue, but tenants at the complex say she is seldom around.

“She’s very short, says everything is ok and just runs off,” said one tenant.

Humane Society workers say they expect all the dogs to survive.