11-year-old Wis. boy banned from playing youth hockey

11-year-old Carter Chamberlain from Menomonie, Wis. wants to become a professional hockey goalie one day, the passion for stopping pucks runs in the family.

“My uncle, he used to be a goalie. And I want to be a goalie like that,” Carter said.

The problem is he's been relegated to the penalty box, without a way out. His mom Shay Chamberlain says the Menomonie Youth Hockey Association banned him from the league four seasons ago.

“I feel like he's missed out on being a boy,” Shay said.

And his dad Chris Chamberlain says they never gave a reason -- so they're now suing to get their son back on the ice.

“I just can't believe the lengths they will go to block an innocent boy from playing hockey,” Chris said.

Right now the only reason they can think of is a dispute over Carter’s chipped tooth during a pick-up hockey game in 2011. The family asked the person who did it to pay. 

“All I can think of was that she ran to friends on the board and complained,” Shay said.

Fox 9 reached out to board president Ryan Hopp and other members who did not want to comment. Instead, they referred us to their attorney who also said he could not comment because of the ongoing litigation.

The Chamberlain family said the most frustrating part is that the association allegedly removed all the bylaws from the website after learning of their lawsuit.

“Maybe if they gave us a reason, we could fix it. We could remedy what the problem is,” Shay said.

Carter is no longer allowed to play with his teammates at the Dunn County Ice Arena, and playing in a nearby community is not an option. Instead, Carter's relegated to street hockey in his driveway.