10-year-old artist hangs up 'Art is My Weapon' painting in Mayor Frey's office

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A painting created by a 10-year-old artist now hangs in the Minneapolis mayor's office to serve as a constant reminder of the issue of gun violence and the push for gun reform.

Wednesday afternoon, Jayden Goldsboro and his family met with Mayor Jacob Frey at City Hall to hang up the painting in Frey's office. The painting shows two handguns firing bullets over a black background with the words "My art is my weapon." 

Elementary student Jayden created his artwork while participating in the "Art is My Weapon" program. In the program, artists incorporate decommissioned guns acquired from gun buyback events into their art as a way to make a message about gun violence in the community.  

In March, Mayor Frey met Jayden at an exhibition for "Art is My Weapon" and liked the painting so much, he bought it.

"When you combine creativity with young people, that’s a recipe for success and progress," said Mayor Frey. "Young people are leading the way every single step in the fight for gun reform. They are the NRA’s worst nightmare, but also our community's greatest hope."

After hanging up Jayden's painting, Mayor Frey took Jayden on a tour of Minneapolis City Hall. Jayden also got to meet with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, Chanda Smith Baker, who created the Art is My Weapon program, and Nikki McComb, the art exhibit curator.