Twin Cities snowiest season in 4 years

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Nearly a foot of snow in 3 days falls in the metro with over 2 feet in northern Minnesota... this is a look at the snowfall across the region over the last week courtesy of the National Weather Service

After three straight dismal snow seasons and an even more miserable start this year, the Twin Cities has made a run that no one could have predicted. The metro has now seen more than three FEET of snow since Jan. 1 at the official climate site, MSP Airport. While this is not the first time something like this has happened, it doesn’t happen often-- this is just the fourth time in the last 30 years.

All of this capped off by a one-two punch of snow in three days that brought nearly a foot too much of the city with parts of northern Minnesota getting over two feet of fresh powder. This snow now has the metro slightly above average for this point in the season with parts of the Interstate 90 corridor and the rest of the Interstate 35 corridor above average as well. The Arrowhead region has seen the most snow, which it should, now topping 70” in many spots. The same can’t be said for west central parts of the state from Hutchinson to Willmar who have had a dismal season so far, barely getting to two feet.

While the extra snow is great news for winter sports fanatics and snow lovers, we still have a ways to go before we can call this an above average season. The metro averages 54” of snow during the winter, which means we have nearly a foot to go. The Arrowhead region averages close to 100” during the winter, so they need another two feet or so.

While climatology tells us that March is a snowy month, averaging 10 inches of snow each year, it doesn’t always work that way as March can be anything but normal. We have seen years where not a flake has fallen, while other years have had more than two feet. We will just have to wait and see. Regardless though, it can easily snow in the metro through April so we have a couple months to go.