Minnesota continues to experience one of the top 10 driest starts to a year on record

While temperatures have been all over the place this year, precipitation, or lack thereof, has been pretty consistent; dry dry dry. Through April 31st, Minnesota has experienced its 7th driest start in 121 years of record.


Coming off a pretty wet 2014, the impacts of such a dry spell have been pretty meager… a couple brush fires here, some lower lake levels there, and no spring flood season is about all that's happened. And let's face it, not having a spring flood season is actually a bonus. Now, I'm not trying to make light of a rough situation for those that had to contend with the fires, but it honestly could have been much worse. While we have been getting some much needed rain as of late, far more is needed to climb out of our hole, especially for northern Minnesota where some areas have seen just a tenth of their typical precipitation to this point in the year. Hopefully the skies open up through much of the month and right through early summer or we could be in for a long brown warm season.