Massive snowstorm slams northeast

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The snow is hard to find here in Minnesota but as of Thursday afternoon there was plenty to be found in the major cities of the northeast. The quick moving storm is affecting over 50 million people as it makes it way up the eastern seaboard. It’s a good thing that its moving quickly and not lingering since snowfall rates were up to four inches per hour at times. Below is a look at the radar as of Thursday afternoon.

The wind has also been a problem along with the heavy snow. The gusts near the shore have reached 65 mph in some spots. There are Winter Weather Advisories in effect north of the storm and Winter Storm Warnings along with Blizzard warnings in effect close to the center of the action.

The blinding snowfall has also resulted in many airport and travel delays not only in the northeast but across the country. Take a look at some of the airport delays on Thursday afternoon.

The totals have been impressive as well. The heavy snowfall has dropped more than a foot in many locations over several northeastern states.

The storm is fast moving and by late Thursday night it will be out of New York and Boston and will be heading towards Maine.