March-Like Thaw this week

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Thanks to El Nino, this has already been a mild, and not so wild, winter here in the Upper Mid-West. We have seen several freeze-thaw cycles and yet another one is in the cards for this week.  The average highs for mid-February in the Twin Cities are in the Upper 20s. The week ahead provides a chance of seeing our temperatures getting into the average range for Mid-March.

A big ridge in the west has resulted in a big dip in the east. You may have heard of cold and snow in the Northeast while the western part of the country is basking in 80s and even the 90s. That ridge is on the way east this week and it will bring some of that mild air with it!

An area of low pressure passing to our north later this week will aid in pulling in that mild Pacific air. There is no doubt our snow pack will shrink even farther as we go through another meltdown.

The added moisture to the air will result in chances for fog and low clouds, giving way to a hazy shade of winter.