Hefty rains for some Wednesday

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It was “feast or famine” for much of the area on Wednesday with a few areas getting drenched… while many spots saw next to nothing. 

Storms rolled through early in the day, which effectively squelched our severe weather opportunities in the metro. But our threat then turned to heavy rain as storms fired up in an arc from the southwest metro and parts of central Minnesota, down the Mississippi River Valley toward La Crosse and beyond. 

As much as 8 inches of rain fell within 25 miles or so on either side of the river from Hastings down to Iowa as stormed trained, or moved over the same areas again and again, like a freight train would along a track. 

While overall flooding in and around the metro was pretty minor, many roads are underwater, a few are washed out, and a major flood threat is setting up for parts of southwestern Wisconsin where two different rivers could hit record flood stage over the next 48 hours.