Groundhog Day: Blizzards to Tornadoes

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This is a Groundhog Day when the little varmint is dodging snow , cold and isolated tornadoes instead of worrying about his shadow. From the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, this storm is affect a large chunk of the US population.


The storm system that has been on the social media radar since early last week is finally delivering its winter wallop to Minnesota with blizzard conditions expected across portions of the Upper Midwest. Heavy snow and strong winds is no stranger to this storm system as it dropped feet of snow across parts of The Rockies on Monday. check out some of the snow totals from the Denver area.


The southern side of the storm is just as wild as it's northern side. The combination of warm moist air from the south, colliding with the cold air being puled in from the north, will trigger a severe weather opportunity for the Mid-South. check out the potential for severe weather for Tuesday in the southeastern part of our country.


After a very mild weekend ahead of this storm, get ready for much colder conditions to be pulled in behind it. Temperatures will plunge to below average with the help of some strong northwest winds pulling in cold air from our friends in Canada. Its back to winter everyone.