February: A short month with big changes

Now that we have made it through January, we are starting to notice more exponential changes in the weather. The doldrums of winter are now behind us and the days of hovering at the bottom have led to a faster sprint towards spring.

The first sign that winter is waning is the fact that the sun angle is increasing. The extra sun is giving strength to the daylight hours which is help to keep our cold snaps from getting out of control. Before February is over we will see our first 6:00 pm sunset in months. You can check out the position and angle of the sun by going to this cool website from NOAA.


The temperature is another part of the February equation. The averages are on the rise. In fact, our first above freezing average high is 33° on the 26th. So, being above freezing will become more and more common as we heads towards March.  We will see an impressive 9° rise in both our average high and low temperatures over the next 28 days.