Crazy winter weather putting a dent in California's drought

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The Jetstream is a powerful thing. It separates the cold air to the north from the warm air to the south. The jet is also the highway for storms, and a lot of times this winter that highway of moisture has been directed toward California. The map below shows the moisture path heading right towards the west coast.

Although, once in a while, we benefit from this warmer and wetter air mass with a break from the bitter cold, the main beneficiary is that state of California. There has been much needed rain and better yet, much needed snow in the mountains that have been replenishing what an epic drought has taken away. As of the beginning of the year, the Sierra Nevada mountains have 126% if their snowpack. This is great news for the downstream residents waiting on the spring and summer thaw to send much needed water their way.

This is the most active winter weather season in about a decade for California as storm after storm sweeps onshore. Yes, there will be mudslides and flooding, but there will also be drought relief. In fact, relief from the epic drought has already been detected. The map below shows just how much the drought has receded in California since this time last year.

The crazy winter weather doesn’t stop at the borders of the Golden State. The Pacific Northwest is also experiencing an above aver snowfall this winter season. The white stuff has piled high in places like Washington, Oregon and Idaho.