Cold front ends weekend warm up before it begins

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A perfect set up for a significant weekend warm up was taking shape earlier this week.

It’s called an Omega block.  This is where the jet stream at the upper levels of the atmosphere gets so kinked up that it prevents any movement in the overall weather pattern.  It’s called an Omega Block because the kink in that jet stream represents the Greek symbol Omega.  This means that an extended period of whatever weather you’re having at the time can be expected.  If you’re having sun, then you’ll have several days of it.  If it’s raining and cool, then you would likely have several straight days of it.  Lucky for us, the ridge in the Omega Block will be across the Upper Midwest, giving us sunny skies and typically very warm conditions.  But, you saw that coming I’m sure, this blocking pattern appears to be a little different.

While temperatures will warm up substantially on Friday, could be near 80° in some cases, a weak area of low pressure will undercut the upper level ridge and force a surface cold front through the region from the northeast.  This will bring in cooler air for the weekend.  We aren’t talking cold by any stretch of the imagination, but seasonable 50s and 60s can be expected are wide before warming again next week.  If it wasn’t for this cold front, parts of Minnesota could have easily been in the 90s this weekend, under our current upper level set up… just food for thought for you warm weather lovers.