A Sliver Lining In The Texas Rain Clouds


Record rains have drenched the Lone Star State over the past few weeks resulting in mass destruction for many communities. We can do without the washout now occurring in Texas, but if we had to look at one positive, that would be in the drought that has had a tight grip on Texas all year. Take a look at the drought monitor for Texas back at the start of spring.

Now, take a look at the drought monitor results for the past two weeks and you can see huge improvements.

This week, the state received over 2 feet of rain in some areas as the 7 day accumulated map shows below.

The drought monitor takes readings on Tuesdays and processes that information for its weekly report on Thursdays. I will be interesting to see how this last week of heavy rain has affect the drought. Its even possible that the drought could be completely eliminated in parts of the state.

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