Style watch: The 70s are back!

by Sally McGraw,

We've seen Mad Men-inspired 50s-wear and some late 60s mod looks over the past few years, but it's been a while since 70s-era fashion was trendy. Designers including Prada and Valentino showed subtle 70s looks for summer, and you can cash in on this trend using items you probably have in your closet right now.

1. A 70s-inspired outfit can spring from something as simple as a color scheme. Warm tones were the palette of the decade, so mix in browns, oranges, and tans. 

2. As we saw with Boho looks, doing statement jewelry with a simple backdrop is a great way to evoke this trend. 

3. Organic prints like paisleys that have lots of colors and movement are great bets, too. Again, a warm palette is best, but mostly you just want to avoid stark black and white or un-70s color families like pastels and neons. 

Platforms are always a good idea, but go for styles that have some modern touches. 

And try some handbags with throwback touches like tooling or fringe.