Dress up, stay warm at holiday parties

Dressing up for holiday parties can be a blast, but many festive outfits leave their wearers feeling freezing. Here are some tricks that will ensure your party attire fends off the frostbite. 

Silk long underwear

This stuff is incredibly warm and far thinner than traditional long underwear. The pants can easily fit under all but the slimmest-fitting pants, and can even get tucked under a floor-length skirt. REI has some options 

Tall boots under trousers 

Pumps will always look dressier, but if it's freezing and snowy no one will begrudge you a nice pair of heeled boots. Knee-high boots will cover your feet and ankles, and even keep your calves warm under your trousers. 

Scarves and wraps

Keeping your neck covered is essential to staying warm. Open necklines and statement necklaces are stylish, but if you're prone to feeling cold try a colorful scarf or wrap instead. (Will bring examples)

Nude camisole

A slinky nylon camisole that matches your skin tone can be slipped under virtually any top or dress for added warmth. Find options at Target and Macy's. 

Natural fibers

While it's true that manmade materials don't breathe, that doesn't actually make them warmer. The best fibers for winter formal wear are silk, merino wool, and cashmere. Jackets or slacks lined in silk will be warm, too.