7 items to stock in your fashion emergency kit

We've all had experiences with stains and snags and other wardrobe malfunctions that make us wish we'd left the house prepared for the worst. It's very wise to keep a fashion emergency kit in your bag or car, and extremely easy to assemble one! Here's what I recommend including:

1. Shout wipes or Tide pen - for pre-treating stains

2. Safety pins - for everything from keeping a broken necklace fastened to closing a revealing neckline

3. Double-sided tape - for gapping shirts and undone hems (will demo)

4. Blister block - for painful shoes

5. Mini lint roller - for pet hair emergencies

6. Nail clipper - for hangnails, and can double as a scissors in some cases (clipping loose threads)

7. Mini hand lotion - for dry skin, but can also smooth flyaway hairs and combat static cling caused by tights

One thing many stylists recommend that isn't usually necessary: A deodorant sponge. Helpful with super delicate fabrics like silk, but with just about anything heavier you can remove the excess by rubbing the affected area with itself/a rough fabric.