Vikings prep for Aaron Rodgers healthy or not

Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers may not be fully healthy heading into Sunday's matchup with the Vikings, but no matter his status when no. 12 is on the field, the Vikings say he's still a nightmare to deal with.

"The guy’s incredible,” said Head Coach Mike Zimmer. “He makes every throw, gets the ball out quick, sees pressure."

"He’s so good and can really put the ball wherever he wants, from any position on the field whether he’s moving right, moving left or staying in the pocket, buying time for his guys, he can make any throw that you can imagine,” said Harrison Smith, Vikings safety. “That’s what makes him so difficult."

For some members of the Vikings, this will mark the first time they will get a chance to play in Lambeau Field and those players say they're eager to be a part of the rivalry.

"Green Bay is a great team, and this rivalry has been going on since before I was even born, so I’m just happy to be a part of it and I’m looking forward to going to Lambeau Field and making plays," said Dalvin Cook, Vikings running back. 

"You realize how important it is for this organization, for our fans,” said Kirk Cousins, Vikings quarterback. “Just the math of needing to win your division to get a home playoff game. I think the math would say we want to win our divisional games."

Both teams came away with opening week victories, which means the winner of Sunday's game will stand alone atop the NFC North. The stakes aren't normally very high in Week Two, but when Minnesota sees Green Bay on its schedule, it's never too difficult to find motivation.

"They’re coming off a big win, so they do a lot of things just to get us eye violated, and I just think if we stick to what we do, we’re going to do what we do," said Cook.