Vikings fan show up in force for season kickoff

Vikings fans got up early to enjoy themselves before the team’s season opener on Sunday.

"I’m stoked, going from 13-4 last year with one of the worst defenses. Now, hopefully having a good defense with [Brian] Flores, I’m super pumped," Vikings fan Darin Troftgruven said.

"They are our team, we’re not bandwagon jumpers like the Packers fans. We’re dedicated Vikings fans," Vikings fan Jerry Daniels added.

Jessica Krump and many other Vikings fans were actually rooting for offensive guard Cody Mauch, a player on the Buccaneers with local ties to southeast North Dakota, "We have a huge support from our hometown in the area today. I bet there’s 600 people from the area," Krump explained.

Only a short walk away, the Twins were also active on Sunday, "This is the best time of year," Twins fan Kami Roesler said. "I’m going to sit and watch the Vikings on the tv, and watch the Twins on the field, so it’s the best of both worlds."