Minnesota American Legion cancels baseball season, citing health concerns during pandemic

The Minnesota American Legion's baseball league has joined the growing list of sports leagues cancelling their seasons due to the coronavirus.

The league says that safety has always been of utmost importance for members. But, with the pandemic and government restrictions in place, the league couldn't assure safety for the kids, parents, and others involved.
"This is one of the worst days in all of my time in baseball,” Minnesota Baseball Committee member Jim Peck said in a statement.

The league's World Series had already been called off last month. But the Minnesota American Legion had held off cancelling the season, hoping for good news in the pandemic.

The league hopes to be back next summer, Minnesota American Legion Commander Mark Dvorak added.

“It was a difficult decision that affects many young people and their parents,” Commander Dvorak said. “The American Legion is a major proponent of the sport of baseball, and we hope to return even stronger in 2021.”

The league, which has been around since 1923, had 357 teams signed up for 2020.