Forget the stats: Cousins says his focus this year is on the Vikings winning

The Vikings were back on the field Wednesday for day two of mini-camp practices.

When he spoke with the media after practice, Cousins kept focusing on how he needs to be a better leader for this team in 2019.

Last year, he signed the big contract with Minnesota but things never seemed to fully click for Kirk and the rest of the Vikings offense.

Listening to him speak Wednesday, he sounds like a quarterback who is very aware of the expectations placed on him and the level he needs to get to in order for the Vikings to become a contender this season. He says being the Kirk Cousins of years past isn't good enough.

"I think the next level is all about winning," he told reporters. "I'm pretty much a .500 quarterback in my career so far. And I think that's where you don't want to be. That's not why you are brought in or people are excited about you."

Cousins says all that matters at the end of the day is winning. "If I don't play very well, if I don't have gaudy statistics, but we win multiple playoff games this year, the narrative will be I went to the next level. And I may not walk off the field every day feeling like I did, but if we win, that's the life of a quarterback."

"If I have my best year yet, but we're 8 and 8, I didn't go to the next level," added Cousins.