Young adults urged to consider their workplaces when making social plans amid pandemic

As young adults make up the largest age group with confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, health officials are urging them to "consider all your roles" before making social plans.

Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann says health officials are seeing the source of transmission is coming from those who are socially engaged rather than just the workplace.

"We’re seeing transmission socially that then carries forward into workplaces and that can be really challenging if the workplace is a child care center, is a health care facility, really any workplace has individuals who are vulnerable," said Ehresmann.

According to state data, as of Friday there have been 11,697 confirmed cases, but only three deaths among those aged 20 to 29 years old. In comparison, the 80 to 89 years old age group has the most COVID-19 deaths (528) and just 1,754 confirmed cases.

Before heading out to a bar or other area where social distancing may be difficult, Ehresmann urges people to think how those decisions could affect others if transmission occurs.

"Before you make a choice like that consider all the roles you play," she said. "Not just the role of friend and someone with some free time that wants to do something fun, if you work in a childcare setting, are you a health care worker, do you have elderly grandparents, consider all those roles."