Wisconsin DNR rescues bear cub with jug stuck on head

A bear cub struggling with its head stuck in a plastic jug was rescued by DNR staff in northwest Wisconsin, likely saving the cub's life. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shared video of the rescue on Facebook.

"While mom can’t be seen in the video, she was likely nearby and is now reunited with her cub," the DNR added.

Fox 9 took an in-depth at bears in Minnesota and western Wisconsin last month during Fox 9 Bear Week. You can read/watch all of our reports at fox9.com/bearweek. Special reports include a two-part series on how University of Minnesota heart researchers are studying hibernating bears for the next advancements in human medical care, a guide to living responsibly and camping safely among bears, and a look at the changing bear territory map in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Black bears are one of nature's more adaptable animals and hunger is most often their main motivator. Bears have the best sense of smell in the forest, which means a bear will range far and wide if food can be found. Changing forests and the need for more space have pushed black bears from the north to farther south in Minnesota and Wisconsin.