Why you should write your name and number on paddleboats, kayaks and other lake equipment

Photo: Chisago County Sheriff's Office

It's simple, but writing your name and phone number on paddleboats, kayaks, paddleboards and other lake and river equipment can make the difference between a quick return of your stuff and a law enforcement search that can cost thousands of dollars.

A wet spring has water levels across Minnesota higher than average and now the Chisago County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to secure their boats and label their equipment.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office says it found a paddle boat floating in middle of Chisago Lake on Wednesday. With storm season in gear, the sheriff explains that this is when boats often get loose – and a loose boat can sometimes use up a lot of resources.

“An unidentifiable kayak floating upside down in the middle of a lake with a couple of life jackets near it can easily tie up 1,000s of dollars in resources making sure it wasn't a drowning or capsizing,” the sheriff writes.