Watch: Deer crashes through restaurant in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Oh deer! Police officers in Grand Rapids, Minnesota were called to a restaurant that was under construction Tuesday afternoon to help herd away a deer that had wandered inside. 

Officer Troy Scott with the Grand Rapids Police Department filmed the encounter, which he said occurred around 10:30 a.m. Scott said the former Ground Round Bar and Grill, located in a strip mall on Pokegama Avenue in the center of the city, is in the process of being converted into a taproom. 

There were a handful of workers in the building Tuesday morning when the deer “just moseyed right in,” Scott said. 

The workers called police. The first person on the scene was the police department’s community resource officer, Carl Fischer, who is typically the first to respond to animal-related calls. 

Scott and another officer responded to the scene shortly after. When they arrived, the deer was hiding in the corner of the building near the bathroom. 

“I chuckled because [Officer Fischer] was talking to the deer like a dog he was trying to get to leave,” Scott said. 

The deer then went into the bathroom and the officers could hear it breaking mirrors and glass. It then ran out of the building, across the parking lot and out of sight. 

Scott said the police department gets estimated 300-500 animal-related calls per year, but this is the first time he had heard a call about a deer inside a building.