Warm weather draws early crowds to a Minnesota Christmas tree farm

This weekend was opening weekend at the Rum River Tree Farm, and thanks in part to a warmer forecast, many families made the trip out to Oak Grove to pick a Christmas tree.

"It feels very abnormal, people love it… they say this is the best time I’ve ever had cutting a tree," Rum River Tree Farm foreman, Tom Hanson, said. "They say how beautiful it is, and how nice it is to be able to wander around and not worry about being cold, or wet walking through snow."

Hanson added that the busiest day of the year is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, this year, with warmer weather early in the holiday season, some people got out ahead of the rush.

"Usually, it’s very cold, and we’re just looking to find one and get it down and get out of here," Brian Peterson of Maple Grove said. "But this one we were able to take our time and enjoy."

"It feels great. I’m getting warm in my jacket," Brian Casey of Golden Valley added. "It looks like it’s going to be chillier Friday and Saturday next week, and we didn’t have anything going on today, so we thought we’d get it done earlier this year."