Walz: 'Here's the schedule' for gun control hearing, holds up blank sheet of paper

Gov. Tim Walz says it would be “counterproductive” to call the Minnesota Legislature into special session on gun violence only to watch Senate Republicans adjourn without holding any hearings or moving forward with gun control bills.

Make no mistake: Walz says he wants a special session and he supports universal background checks and so-called “red flag” protective orders. The governor is the only person who can call a special session. But that’s where Walz’s power over the proceedings ends; only the Legislature can decide what to actually do.

In the wake of the two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, Walz called on state lawmakers last week to reconsider the two proposals, which Republicans blocked earlier this year. The Legislature adjourned in May, but committees can hold hearings over the interim. 

At a news conference Monday, Walz held up a blank piece of paper, saying “here’s the schedule” for the nonexistent Senate hearing on gun violence. 

“I’m still waiting. Absolutely unacceptable,” Walz said.

Walz said Republicans should’ve held hearings during the regular legislative session, which lasted more than four months. He also criticized them for not moving forward with funding for an emergency insulin program.

“I don’t think it’d be productive to call them back with them being able to just not do anything, they proved they could do that (during the regular session),” Walz said.