'I'm speechless': Viral TikTok raises $400K for DC homeless man with alleged violent past

A TikTok video of a college student interning in D.C. and buying a homeless man tea is going viral. The young lady created a GoFundMe for him that has now raised more than $400,000.

However, FOX 5 has uncovered the man has a lengthy criminal history and has been in and out of prison for years.

FOX 5 spoke exclusively to a woman who said the man in the video, Alonzo Douglas Hebron, is the same person who attacked her. The violent abuse was captured on camera. 

The video shows Hebron putting a scarf over the victim’s head while she was sleeping outside Foundry United Methodist Church on P Street in Northwest D.C. Then, repeatedly punching her face and body for several minutes. 

A D.C. police report reveals the brutal assault happened in June 2020.

"I’m speechless," she said. "I do not understand how a human being can act like this. He’s a sociopath. He does not have a sense of remorse."

The victim – who wants to remain anonymous for safety reasons – said she woke up at the hospital, not remembering what exactly happened to her. The woman claims Hebron is known as a dangerous person in the homeless community. That’s why she says watching this viral TikTok  video is triggering.

"I’ve been struggling since then. I’m an alcoholic in recovery," she said. "Last week was my 18-month anniversary and the last two days, I came close, but I didn’t because he’s not worth it."


Nevertheless, she doesn’t fault the young lady for trying to help someone.

"I was heartbroken," she recalled after seeing the video. "First of all – kudos to the woman who did this. She meant well, and I do applaud her for that. I know it was a lot of work for her to do so, but portraying him as something he just simply isn’t…"

Records from the Department of Justice reveal that back in November 2012, Hebron was sentenced to five years in prison for stabbing a man in the neck with a screwdriver during a fight on Queen Street in Northeast D.C.

The suspect’s past also includes other assaults and robberies.

According to  D.C. courts, Hebron was released to a halfway house last year in June 2023. He escaped and then was returned by the U.S. Marshals Service. It’s not clear when he was released.


"Why is he on the street? How many people does he have to hurt before – I’m sorry – he is locked up for good," the woman said. "He will not stop. I don’t know what they’re waiting for."

The victim wants to make it clear, it’s not about the money raised for Hebron, she is sharing her story to ensure no one else gets hurt.

A GoFundMe official tells FOX 5 that the more than $400,000 raised are being held safely while they work with the organizer of the campaign. In the meantime, a separate GoFundMe has been set up to help Sanai, organized by her mother. It's raised $19,000 so far. 

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