Vikings superfan Millie Wall turns 101 years old

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She's known around Minnesota as the oldest Vikings fan and biggest superfan. This Independence Day, Millie Wall is ringing in another year as she turns 101 years old.

“101 years I’ve been going through this,” said Millie.

Still as witty and full of energy as ever, Grandma Millie says it's a blessing to be with those she loves and cherishes the most.

“I feel wonderful today—with all my family here—that’s what matters,” she said.

Every year, the Wall family gets together on Millie's birthday to celebrate the big milestone. This year they're enjoying the hot weather at a picnic in New Brighton at Long Lake Regional Park.

“She’s really funny,” said Gavin Wombacher, her grandson. “She’s a really, big Vikings fan—and she’s just really nice.”

Most of Minnesota knows Grandma Millie as the good luck charm for the Vikings. She's been a huge fan since the team was formed and was there during the unforgettable ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ game with her foam brick and screwdriver drink. 

Millie is known to throw the foam brick at her TV screen when she gets really into the game. She says she still has that brick and she's still waiting for that Super Bowl championship title.

“They better,” said Millie. “I don’t have much time left.”