Vikings' Latavius Murray puts fandom of WNBA's Breanna Stewart on display

When Latavius Murray usually slips on a jersey, it’s often accompanied by a helmet and a heave into the endzone.

On this non-football Sunday, he traded the purple for green and gold.

No, not those enemy colors. The ones of the Lynx opponent Seattle in a move that hits close to home for Murray, watching fellow Syracuse area native and Storm forward Breanna Stewart.

“It felt good, I felt like a little kid,” Murray said of his experience. “I guess now I know how it feels (to be a fan).”

Murray went to Target Center to support fellow Syracuse area native and Seattle Storm forward Breanna Stewart.

He’s been a fan of the Stewart’s for a long time, even wearing her jersey during a postgame interview session last season. But this is the first time Latavius has been able to get a front row seat for one of her games.

“I hadn’t had a chance to watch her in person, not even in college,” Murray told FOX 9. “What’s better than us both being pros and both being in Minnesota?”

“It hits close to home and you appreciate it because you know that he’s watching,” Stewart said of Murray’s support.

Murray is proud to show off his pride and he may be doing so permanently, too.

Stewart is on a roll this season and if she wins MVP, Latavius is committed to getting a B-Stew tattoo.

“I have to stick to my promise, but I have to make sure it’s the right tattoo,” Murray said. “I don’t even have my fiancée on me yet.”

“I told him he should maybe get a stick on tattoo,” Stewart said with a smile. “We’ll figure something out.”

Life-long markings are to be determined, but there’s no denying the bond between Murray and Stewart.

It’s one formed by two different forms of pro ball, all to make a hometown happy.

“Central New York, the upstate means everything to me,” Murray said. “For us to have that moment, it’s pretty cool.”