Video shows Ramsey County deputy pulled from burning squad in Arden Hills, Minn.

A newly-released body camera video shows a deputy being pulled from his burning squad by a fellow deputy and officer after a March wreck.

In a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon, the Ramsey County Deputies' Federation shared the video showing the rescue on March 18.

In the video, Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz are seen pulling a fellow deputy from his squad after the crash along Highway 96 near the offramp for Highway 10 in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

Before the crash, deputies said that the sheriff's office was searching for a stolen vehicle when the squad was hit broadside by the wanted vehicle as it came through the offramp.

According to the Ramsey County Deputies' Federation, the deputy suffered injuries in the crash, including a bruised lung, fractured ribs and a possible head injury.

In the video, Deputy Eddicus is seen running up to the damaged squad and working to get the man out as smoke begins to rise from the vehicle.

The injured deputy is clearly dazed, confused, and bloodied by conscious and he is rescued. Once freed from restraints and the crumpled vehicle, the deputy is dragged to safety by his fellow first responders.