'Oh my God, Titanic 2.0!' Video shows cruise ship hit iceberg near Alaskan glacier

A now-viral video shows cruise passengers reacting after their cruise ship struck an iceberg in Alaska.

"We hit a big ole' one," a voice in the footage can be heard observing as the gray iceberg breaks into chunks.

The Norwegian Sun arrived in Seattle on Thursday. It hit part of the iceberg on Saturday near Hubbard Glacier in the waters off southern Alaska.

The 848-foot-long ship was turned around to Juneau, where it underwent inspection. It was cleared to travel at lower speeds to Seattle by authorities.

A Nevada family who was onboard says the impact sounded like a loud door being slammed.

Benjamin Talbott was hanging out with family when his brother, Anthony Romo, noticed something in the water and told him to take out his phone. Talbott recorded as the cruise ship struck the big chunk of iceberg.

"Then all sudden, boom, the whole ship shakes. And I’m like, ‘Well, what’s going on?’ And then I had to start recording and I looked at the front of the ship and all I see is this ... iceberg just turning over and coming down. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, we hit an iceberg,’" he said.


File: The Norwegian Sun cruise ship is docked at the Seaport in this 2008 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

In his video, Talbott can be heard shouting "Oh my God, it’s Titanic 2.0!" He insisted that he was not "freaking out" but rather marveling at the size of the iceberg. He later expressed gratitude towards the cruise staff, whom he described as being professional and comforting throughout the experience.

The Sun has since docked in Seattle for repairs.

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The Associated Press and Storyful contributed to this report.