Video: Baby takes ‘flight’ around home after trip to visit relatives gets canceled amid COVID-19 pandemic

One unlucky traveler had to forgo her planned trip to the United States and decided to "take matters into her own hands" and became the most adorable pilot. 

Stacy Sobieski recorded video of her daughter, Stevie, on a “flight” around her United Kingdom home, which she posted to Twitter on July 15.

The video shows baby Stevie in a makeshift cardboard airplane with the words “Delta” written in marker on the wings.

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“Since all of our flights to America keep getting cancelled, Stevie decided to take matters into her own hands,” Stacy wrote in the post.

Sobieski, her husband and their baby bundle were unable to visit Stevie’s grandma back in the states, so they decided to create the video to “cheer her up”.

The family’s trip was canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sobieski explained.

The outlook for a recovery in air travel has dimmed in just the past weeks, as infection rates rise in much of the U.S. and some states impose new quarantine requirements on travelers.

The American Automobile Association says this is actually the first time in a very long time that they have actually seen a decrease in summer travel.

"If there was going to be any year of the roadtrip, it's going to be this year," said AAA spokesperson Aldo Vazquez. "AAA's latest forecast is showing over 700 million Americans will be taking summer travel plans this year, and that's going to be down 15-percent from last year - We're going to see drops across the board."

"Air travel is going to be down 74 percent, and all other modes of transportation - planes, trains, cruise ships - will see an 86 percent decrease from last year," explained Vazquez.

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Infections have increased in states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, with many blaming a haphazard, partisan approach to lifting lockdowns as well as the resistance of some Americans to wearing masks. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday that the situation was so dire in his California city that authorities were considering a new stay-at-home order.

Confirmed global virus deaths have risen to nearly 603,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins. The U.S. tops the list with over 140,000, followed by more than 78,000 in Brazil. Europe as a continent has seen about 200,000 deaths.

The number of confirmed infections worldwide has passed 14.2 million, with 3.7 million in the U.S. and more than 2 million in Brazil. Experts believe the pandemic's true toll around the world is much higher because of testing shortages and data collection issues.

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The Associated Press, FOX 10 Phoenix and Storyful contributed to this report.