Victim, 3 dogs rescued from reservoir in Rochester, Minn.

The Rochester Fire Department rescued a person and three dogs from high water at the Willow Creek Reservoir in Rochester, Minnesota Friday morning. (Photo credit: Rochester Fire Department)

Firefighters rescued a person and their three dogs who were stranded in a reservoir in Rochester, Minnesota Friday morning. 

At 8:31 a.m., the Rochester Fire Department launched a rescue boat into the Willow Creek Reservoir to rescue the victim and their dogs. According to the fire department, when the rescue crew arrived, the victim, who had been in chest-deep water, had moved to shallower water and was resting against a tree. 

Two firefighters got out and helped the group into the boat. They were transported safely to shore. 
The victim was assessed by firefighters and medical personnel and was not injured. 

The fire department is now warning people to exercise caution around bodies of water in the area because the recent rainfall has resulted in higher than normal water levels, which can be hazardous.