Update: Trump fights hold on travel ban, tensions rise

President Trump’s executive order that imposed a travel ban on some immigrants and refugees may be on hold, but tensions over the order continue to rise.

The Trump administration vowed to fight the decision to hold the order. Trump called the ruling “ridiculous,” on his Twitter page on Saturday.

The ruling had worldwide implications. A federal judge halted the immigration ban, and Homeland Security announced a quick return to standard inspections.

“Literally they are running for their lives,” said activist Omar Jamal. “They want to be alive.”

In Minneapolis, the Somali community praised the ruling. Jamal said there are hundreds of families stuck in limbo trying to get to the United States.

“It’s having a huge impact on people,” said Jamal.

Minnesota Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar released statements praising the decision, but recognize the battle is not over.

“I’m going to keep fighting until this shameful executive order is rescinded, or struck down once and for all,” Al Franken said in his statement.

Senator Klobuchar called for recognition by the current administration.

"The most straightforward way to handle it would be for the Administration to acknowledge the problems with the order and lift it,” she said.

Worldwide, the ban sparked protests and outrage. Stateside, Americans are largely split, with the future of the order anything but certain.