University of Minnesota taking steps to curb crime

As classes are underway at the University of Minnesota, university and state leaders are outlining its plans to crack down on crime near campus.

Crime and violent incidents near the university campus have sparked concerns for parents as their children return

"All working together for the same goals, where safety is our top priority," explained university president Joan Gabel.

Gabel, joined Wednesday by the governor and law enforcement, highlighted the work that’s ongoing to increase safety, especially off-campus. Part of the effort is simply increasing law enforcement presence with help from state patrol and Hennepin County.

"So what you’re going to see," said Minnesota State Patrol spokesman Lt. Gordon Shank. "You’re going to see troopers and squads on campus this week and we’re just going to support the great work being done by the University of Minnesota Police Department and also by Minneapolis Police Department.

They’ve also increased lighting across campus, upped their Gopher Chauffeur Services, and installed code blue emergency phones. Though some students are skeptical about its impact.

"In a lot of situations where you would have to run from something or you see something or something is happening to you, running to one of these would not be reliable to me versus to running to a dorm or to a person," said freshman Taylor Hollerbrach.

It's important to note, University of Minnesota police say on-campus crime has not gone up, but off-campus it is still increasing.