University of Minnesota gymnast lands perfect 10 on beam

A gymnast can spend their entire career pushing for perfection and never find it, but Gophers sophomore gymnast Ivy Lu is no longer looking. 

Lu landed a perfect 10 on beam in her most recent meet, becoming only the second Minnesota gymnast to ever do so. 

“It was for sure a huge goal of mine, but I never thought it would happen this fast,” Lu said. 

Only five NCAA gymnasts have scored a 10 this year on beam, but Ivy’s situation is more unique than most. Lu is competing in the beam event for the first time at the collegiate level this season.

Ivy is just starting out in the event, but don’t call her stellar success beginner’s luck. 

“She’s got the full package,” Gophers head coach Jenny Hanson said. “She’s got great difficulty, incredible execution, and she is just beautiful to watch. Even athletes who train for four years, they may never have all of that put together and she really does.”

Ivy’s been great on beam, but believe it or not, that event is not her best. Lu is currently the top gymnast in the NCAA on the uneven bars. 

“I never thought I was going to get a 10 on beam before bars, but it happened,” Lu said. “I think I’m pretty close to getting [a 10 on bars].”

Lu says that her dreams of chasing Olympic gold have come and gone. Now, her only focus is on the Golden Gophers and trying to be the first Minnesota women’s gymnast to win an individual national title in 28 years. 

“I’m just trying not to think about it too much and take it one week at a time,” Lu said. “We’ll see where that brings me.”

“She’s capable of winning national championships in both [beam and bars],” Hanson added. “She’s just that good.”