Two injured in attack outside restaurant in northeast Minneapolis

A random attack outside a popular Minneapolis restaurant landed one person in the hospital and another with visible injuries. The victims say they were just waiting for a late night bus Friday outside of Betty Danger's when it all happened. 

Suffering from a black eye, Courtney Blake said it could have been so much worse.

“I’m really lucky that he didn’t hurt me more and that he didn’t hurt my friend more,” she said.

Her friend remains hospitalized more than 48 hours later.

Blake said she was shaken “physically, quite a bit…emotionally much worse than that. I don’t know how I was going to leave my house today.”

Blake said she and her friend were out for a night of drinking with friends, celebrating a birthday in northeast Minneapolis.

After bar close, the two were waiting for a bus at Lowry and Marshall when they were attacked.

She’s not sure if her friend was struck by a car first, but Blake recalls a driver jumping out of his vehicle and then wailing away.

“He just started punching him over and over again, and he wouldn’t stop. I tried to hit the guy with my purse,” she said.

But the beating continued, leaving Courtney battered, bruised and hysterical.

Adding to her anguish, she felt responding officers treated her like a suspect, not a victim. She alleges they handcuffed her and physically placed her in the back of a squad car before taking her to a friend’s apartment.

Statement from Minneapolis Police Department:

"The case originating police contact is open and under investigation. There is a formalized process to address any complaint regarding an officer's action. Complaints may be filed through the MPD Internal Affairs Unit at 612-673-3074 or the Office of Police Conduct Review at 612-673-5500.

This particular incident had multiple officers on the scene and there will be several videos available for review."