Twin Cities soccer fans root on Team USA

The U.S. Women chalked up another impressive win on Sunday during the World Cup.

The team topped Chile in a 3-0 shutout. In Minneapolis, where there were a lot of eyes on the game, one brewery that specializes in beer and soccer decided to bring fans together in a big way.

"Mold the craft brew culture of Minnesota and the Latin culture together," said Sergio Manancero, co-owner of La Dona Cerveceria.

It’s about blending culture, blending passions and bringing the community together to support the country. "I really like the sense of community soccer brings, especially women’s soccer. And I think it’s super important that our young women can experience that, and just watch the sport grow in the states," said Susan Barnes

Susan and Olivia Barnes are among the hundreds that came out to La Dona Cerveceria Sunday afternoon to watch the USA Women dominate on the big screen.

“Very empowering knowing that more women are going to be up there and it’s just going to keep going,” says Olivia.

With an obvious passion for the sport, the Minneapolis brewery proved to be the perfect place for fans to flock as the U.S took on Chile.

"Soccer is a huge staple of our bar because we’ve got a huge three-on-three court on our patio,” said Sergio. “So it’s a big deal that people want to come out and watch the U.S. team compete especially the women’s team because they’re far superior to the men.”

"As the next generation is getting inspired. This team they're going to be the ones laying the groundwork for all the women coming up,” Sergio said.

Sergio says they’re going to continue to have three-on-three games, and they’re going to have more events like this in the future.