Tuition-free preschool, tax relief headline supplemental budget

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton outlined his supplemental budget plan Tuesday that will set aside more money for targeted tax relief, nursing homes, welfare grants, preschool programs and college aid.

Highlights of supplemental budget

"This current surplus resulted primarily from more Minnesotans working than ever before, earning more, buying more, and, thus, paying more income and sales taxes," Gov. Dayton said. "Nevertheless, some people now say that we should feel ashamed of our state's economic successes, feel guilty about having a surplus, and ‘give it all back' -- $350 to every man, woman, and child in Minnesota. Well, as I said before, the legislature and governor did just that 15 years ago. They returned the expected surpluses to the taxpayers. Within two years, those surpluses disappeared. It's taken us over a decade to recover from those mistakes."

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