Tow trucks park along overpasses to raise awareness of 'move over' law

From the front seat of his tow truck, Tim Heldman is no stranger to the many dangers of the roadway. But in recent months, one danger in particular has pushed Heldman and his fellow tow truck drivers to the point of desperation.

"It could be anything from getting hit by a car while you are changing a tire to a vehicle falling on top of you,” Heldman said.

The Minnesota "move over" law states drivers must keep one full lane away from stopped traffic.  The law is designed to protect emergency vehicles.  But the only problem is many drivers don't know that includes tow trucks.

"It's been a law for a few years now and it seems like it was one of those things that was passed and went by the way side," Heldman said.  "Too many tow truck drivers are getting hit and killed on a daily basis, there are just too many of them.”

To help raise awareness, tow truck drivers parked along overpasses on Sunday while turning on their lights and making their presence known.  It’s a symbolic gesture they hope will start a conversation that will lead to safer roadways.

"I've literally seen everything there is to see,” Heldman said.