Thriving While Black event offers resources to those in need

A Twin Cities-based virtual symposium hopes to address issues challenging the black community by bringing people together.

Thriving While Black, set for Oct. 17, plans to address racially toxic environments, depression and financial freedom in the black community.

Free to the public, the symposium is hosted by the Minneapolis-St. Paul alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

“So many times we suffer in silence, and we don’t want to suffer in silence anymore,” said organizer Cherise Ayers, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority alumnus.

“This is a really important time, especially considering that we’re in the middle of a pandemic on many fronts - the COVID pandemic as well as the racial implications that are unfolding,” alumnus Alex Merritt added.

Active in the community, the sorority is holding the virtual event as part of its annual impact day of service.

“With this COVID crisis, suicide rates are going up, domestic violence rates are going up,” Ayers said. “It’s important that we have someone to tell us… some therapists that say, ‘hey, what you’re experiencing is normal. Here’s some ways that you can cope with it and deal with it.’”

The virtual event will take place on Zoom, and a portion of the proceeds from merchandise will go toward scholarships and supporting essential workers.