The victims of the Oakland warehouse fire

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OAKLAND (KTVU) --We are learning more about the victims of the devastating Oakland warehouse fire. Find the latest information on the fire here.

As we learn more about the victims we are updating the information below:

Amanda Allen  (Confirmed dead by authorities

  • Allen lived in San Francisco and was originally from Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Both of her brothers posted photos with her on Facebook. Her brother Chris Ellen added a caption, “Words just can't describe how this feels. We'll always love you, sis.”   

Cash Askew (confirmed deceased by authorities) 

  • Cash Askew was a 22-year-old transgender musician from San Francisco. She was part of the band “Them Are Us Too.”  An Instagram post by Dais Records, Askew’s record label reads, “We will never be the same Completely devastated by the loss of Cash Askew.  She was one of the most talented and loving people we've ever known. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts, along with all those lost in the Oakland tragedy.”



Jonathan Bernbaum (confirmed dead by authorities

  • Bernbaum, 34, attended USC. He lived in Berkeley. A candlelight vigil is being held for him Monday night at USC. The following information was posted in the event on Facebook, "One of our alumni, Jonathan Bernbaum, passed away tragically this past Friday in Oakland. Jonathan was a talented filmmaker who most recently had been creating immersive visual experiences for concerts and festivals. A vigil will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in the SCA Courtyard."

Em Bohlka  (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Bohlka, 33, was from Oakland. She was a poet and also worked at Highwire Coffee

Barrett Clark (confirmed dead by authorities)

  • Clark, 35, of Oakland was a D.J. He was originally from Santa Rosa. Ruby Goldberg posted on his Facebook wall, "Barrett Clark was one who welcomed me with open arms. That’s just his way with people. To me, he had a heart larger than life but completely down to earth. Really down. I knew him as a co-appreciator of a certain summertime beer, a rad tamale maker, a spearhead of magical revelry in the woods, and a super great bear-hugger. We’ve lost a force of nature, as one of my neighbors put it. My heart goes out to all those who loved him."


David Cline (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Cline, 35, was a graduate of UC Berkeley. According to Berkleyside, Cline graduated last year with a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science and computer science. His brother, Neil Cline, posted on his Facebook page Sunday, “We just received word that my brother David Cline passed away in the Oakland Fire.To all of you, thank you. Thank you for your kindness, help and love. To David, we love you. You will be with us always.”


Micah Danemayer (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • 28-year-old Danemayer was an artist who attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. A Facebook memorial page in Danemayer’s honor reads, “Our beautiful mutant comrade, passed back to his original galaxy of hardware and silver glitter.” A memorial is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. 

Billy Dixon (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Dixon, 35, of Oakland was identified as a victim Tuesday evening. As we learn more about Dixon, we'll update this story. 

Chelsea Faith (Confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Chelsea Faith was an electronic music artist. Her stage name was Cherushii. On Facebook, Henry Kielarowski said that he's known Chelsea since she was a teenager. He wrote, "She was a beautiful, talented, amazing person. Her loss, and the loss of so many friends and kindred souls in that demon fire, diminishes me and the rest of the communal dance community." Faith's music is available on the global online audio website, which describes the artist as "an electronic musician based in San Francisco, California. Her passion for dance music history is evident in her work, which takes cues from Detroit techno, Chicago house, and classic rave sounds. A multi-instrumentalist since childhood, Chelsea began experimenting with electronics as a teenager, which lead to playing live techno and house at underground raves in the 2000s. She has been working as a live performer, producer, DJ, and remixer for over a decade, using her gear savvy and innate musicianship to create lush, retro-futurist productions." In a music video posted on YouTube with Faith is seen with musician, Golden Donna. On Golden Donna's Facebook page, a recent post notifies fans that he is safe.


Alex Ghassan (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • According to an NBC New York report, Ghassan, 35, was a director in Brooklyn. He was well-known for helping musicians. According to his Facebook page, Ghassan was from San Francisco. He posted a video to Instagram from the warehouse shortly before the fire broke out. 


Michela Gregory (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Gregory, 20, of South San Francisco was said to be at the dance party with her boyfriend Alex Vega. She was a student at San Francisco State University and worked at Urban Outfitters. Both Gregory and Vega had not been heard from since Friday night. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office says Gregory and Vega's bodies were found hugging.

Nick Gomez-Hall (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Hall, 25, grew up in Coronado, California. He worked for Counterpoint Press in Berkeley. “He made everyone feel like they were his friend. He was kind, considerate, hilarious... In short, he was an essential part of our team,” Counterpoint Press wrote on its Facebook page. “Counterpoint mourns the loss of an extraordinary co-worker and a true friend. Rest in peace, dear Nick.”


Sara Hoda (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Hoda, 30, was a Montessori school teacher in Walnut Creek. “ She invited me to become housemates,” her friend Sasha Laurel posted on Facebook.  “Learning her love of yoga handstands, art, community, bikes, yummy cooking and always thoughtful insight.”

Travis Hough (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Hough was a 35-year-old musician from the Oakland/Benicia area. He joined Mixtape Artist Management over the summer. His colleagues there posted online that he was an expressive arts therapist who helped children in the East Bay. 

Johnny Igaz  (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Igaz was from Alameda and lived in Oakland. According to his Facebook profile, he was a record buyer at Green Apple Books and Music. He attended Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts. His brother Paul Igaz posted on Facebook, "My older brother Johnny is one of the unaccounted in last night's warehouse fire. My heart goes out to the families, friends, and communities left devastated by this tragedy. Thanks to everybody who has reached out to me or sent unspoken positive vibes. You are welcome to get in touch or not as you feel comfortable. I am available to receive anything you need or want to express, though I myself may be limited in how much I respond with or verbalize right now. My mind and heart are occupied with thoughts and feelings of my best friend, my hero, my brother"


Ara Jo (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Ara Jo, 29, of Oakland was originally from Los Angeles. She worked at the Ink Store, and was a co-director at East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest. 


Alana Kane (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Alana Kane, who also went by Jennifer Mendiola, is among the missing. Her sister-in-law told KTVU, "Jennifer was a beautiful and good person who we all love deeply....My brother especially wants people to know that she was angelic and didn't have an ounce of malice in her bones."


Donna Kellogg (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Kellogg was a 32-year-old Oakland woman who worked at Highwire Coffee Roasters. Friends describe her as a “wonderful woman.”   



Edmund Lapine (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Lapine, 34, of Oakland was originally from Washington state. He was a music lover previously interning at a record company. 

Griffin Madden (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Madden, 23, was a UC Berkeley student. According to reports, he attended the party with Morris and Plotkin. In a post on a Go Fund Me page for his family the following message was posted, "It's hard to use this space to begin to describe how much Griffin means to all of us and how profoundly we feel lost without him. I am just going to hope anyone who reads this knows and understands what an unimaginable hole there will now be in all our lives."

Joseph Matlock (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Recording artist Joseph Matlock, known as Joey Casio, 36, died in the fire.  Online music retailer is donating all of the proceeds of Joey Casio singles to raise money for the Ghostship Fire Relief Fund.  “Joey you will be missed by us and so many others. We hope you are spinning and dancing in your heaven,” a friend posted on his Facebook page.

Jason McCarty (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Jason McCarty also known as Jalien Adrian is a San Francisco Art Institute alumni.  He grew up in Fort Madison, Iowa. A post from Domenique Garcia on Facebook reads “The callous reminder that tomorrow isn't promised and growing old isn't are loved and remembered and seeing all those you touched, trust that you will never be forgotten...Godspeed.”

Draven McGill (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Draven was a 17-year-old student at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. The school released a statement, "This is an incredibly unsettling and sad event – for the Asawa SOTA community, and especially for the victim's family," said RASOTA  Principal Barnaby Payne. "As sad as we are today, I know that how we react in challenging times is what defines us as a community.  As parents, teachers, children, students, brothers, sisters and friends, we share in the heartbreak of his family and will embrace them and each other as the Asawa SOTA family. We must rise to this occasion and rally around each other with love, compassion and support."

Jenny Morris (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Morris, 21, attended UC Berkeley. She was from Foster City. She was at the dance party with her roommate Vanessa Plotkin. The pair haven't been heard from since. 

Feral Pines (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Feral Pines was a musician and an Oakland tattoo artist from Westport, Connecticut. Her sister Amanda posted a message on a Facebook memorial page. "You were an amazing sister - such a kind and beautiful soul who would never hurt anyone. I just wish I could have hugged you one last time. I take some comfort knowing you were with friends who loved you and supported you for the true person you were."

Vanessa Plotkin (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • 21-year-old Vanessa Plotkin was a sociology major at UC Berkeley. She was roommates with Jenny Morris. The pair attended the party together.  Plotkin was from Lakewood, California.

Denaldo Nicole Renae (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • 29-year-old Denaldo Nicole Renae, also known as Nicole Siegrist, was part of a band called Introflirt. Her bandmate Ben Runnels, also known as Charlie Prowler was also killed in the fire. “An intense duo who were embarking on a great musical journey. Humbled to have shared artistic spaces with them and witness their craft shine like the solid people they were. Blessing,” a friend wrote on her Facebook page Monday afternoon. 

Wolfgang Renner (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • Wolfgang Renner was 61-years-old and lived in Oakland.

Hanna Ruax (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Hanna Ruax is a resident of Finland. She is reported missing along with her friend Alex Ghassan. On November 22nd, Ruax posted on her Facebook page that she was flying from Helsinki to Oakland and wrote “Adventure calling!” The Alameda County Coroner has confirmed that one of the deceased is from Finland.


Ben Runnels (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Ben Runnels, 32, also known as Charlie Prowler, was part of the synthopop group Introflirt. He was missing along with his bandmate, Denaldo Nicole Renae, also known as Nicole Siegrist.  A post on Runnels Facebook page from a family member reads, “We have received confirmation that Ben Charlie Prowler has indeed been identified. We are headed to Oakland now. He was the brightest shining star and we carry him in our hearts. We would be honored to meet as many of you as we can.”


Michele Sylvan (confirmed deceased by authorities) 

  • Sylvan, 37, also known as Colette, was from Oakland. According to the East Bay Times, she died alongside her partner, 61-year-old Wolfgang Renner. A friend posted on Facebook, "Two friends of mine, who several friends are likely to know, perished in the fire. Wolfgang Renner and Michelle Sylvan. Wolfgang was about as free of an individual as anyone is likely to ever meet. When we were close, it was a joy to go and visit him as he was a capable host who made all of his friend's feel welcome and celebrated. His lovely, wildly creative partner Michelle was a potent visionary and was always up for life's adventure. The world is a decidedly less colorful one without them. So long dear souls. Thank you for the treasures you shared. We will see you in Valhalla and in the interim, we will celebrate your rich lives as you would undoubtedly have wanted us to."

Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye (confirmed deceased by authorities)

  • 31-year-old Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye, was an Oakland resident who worked at music streaming service, Shazam. In a written statement, the firm's CEO said Kiyomi would be missed. "Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, as well as all the victims of this tragedy," said Rich Riley, the CEO of Shazam.


Alex Vega (confirmed deceased by authorities  

  • Vega of San Bruno was said to be at the dance party with his girlfriend Michela. His mom posted on his Facebook page, "Hi everyone this is Alex's mom i want everyone to know that Alex and Michela are missing, they went to the rave last night in Oakland and have not come home please if you know something." The Alameda County Sheriff's Office says Gregory and Vega's bodies were found hugging.


Peter Wadsworth (Confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Peter Wadsworth, 38, was a San Francisco resident who studied Psychology at Harvard University, according to his Facebook profile.  His friend Sarah Hermans posted on Facebook, “Your loss is senseless and heart-breaking to me. I hope you found happiness before it was taken away from you.”


Nick Walrath (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Friends of Walrath said he grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from the New York University School of law, was an associate at the Durie Tangri law firm in San Francisco and previously clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar.Walrath also previously was an associate at the Quinn Emmanuel Urqhart and Sullivan firm in San Francisco and clerked for Judge Carlos Bea of the Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Brandon Chase Wittenauer (confirmed deceased by authorities

  • Wittenauer was a 32-year-old man from Oakland. Friends say he also went by the name of Chase or Nex. According to his Facebook profile, he worked as a project director at Symbiotix.Fungi. Friends left messages on Wittenauer’s Facebook page. One post stated, “I heard about your passing and thought I'd drop by to say that you were loved by many and your kind spirit was appreciated while you were here and after.”