The Superbloom is on!

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Thanks to the record breaking moisture through much of California, the Desert landscape is experiencing something it rarely sees… an actual spring.  While many parts of the country go from the white or brown drab of winter, to a very colorful and usually green spring… much of the west does not.  Many areas in the west, particularly in much of southern California and Arizona, don’t get nearly enough rain for anything to bloom.  These areas are brown pretty much all year round, but not this year.  Over the last couple of months, the Carrizo Plains National Monument (which is about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles) amongst a few others, have transformed from a barren landscape you see in the December picture above, to a lush prairie filled with daisies, lilies, and a host of other flowers in the March picture above. 

Unbeknownst to many commoners, the soil in the Desert Southwest is actually quite fertile and would be excellent for growing a laundry list of plants and trees, but soils just don’t receive enough water.  This year though, they certainly have with some valley locations getting more than 30” of rain in 5 months’ time