Terminal 1 at MSP Airport down to 1 checkpoint for 3 weeks

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If you’re flying out of Terminal 1 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in the next three weeks, plan to arrive early.

Starting Tuesday, the south checkpoint will be partially closed for security upgrades. Only TSA Pre-Check users will be able to use the south checkpoint. Everyone else will have to go through the north checkpoint.

Airport officials say the new checkpoint lanes will speed up the process of screening carry-on bags. When finished, new automated conveyer belts will separate luggage and personal property bins that trigger further inspection without holding up those that cleared security.

The upgrades and testing are expected to last about three weeks. The work was scheduled to begin after the busy summer travel season to minimize impact on passengers. The equipment will also be installed in the north checkpoint sometime next year.

Airport officials are now recommending passengers flying out of the main terminal, Terminal 1, arrive two hours before their departure. The closure only affects Terminal 1. Terminal 2 will operate as normal.