Teen victim of online bullying posts inspirational video

A Virginia high school teen has gained the support of thousands after posting a powerful anti-bullying video online.

17-year-old Lauren Brocious, a victim of online bullying, posted the video called, '#labels,' to YouTube on December 2. In the video, the Millbrook High School student from Winchester, Virginia looks into the camera and writes offensive words on her face as she narrates her struggles.

"We’ve all been labeled at one point in our lives. The hurtful words that people call us. We take those words personally and we take them to heart," she says while drawing words like 'Ugly' and 'Fat' on her face and with a black makeup pencil.

"We start to believe what other people say about us and forget who we are. And we start defining ourselves by other people's words instead of our own," she continues.

"But what if instead, we started wiping away those labels that people gave us," Brocious says after nearly covering her entire face. With that line she begins to wipe away the words that she has written until all of them are gone.

At this point in the video, Brocious smiles and lets her hair down. She then begins to cover her face with positive words written in blue makeup. "We start to figure out that we are so much better than the words that people define us as. We start to have a clear view of who we really are," she says.

By the end of the video words like, 'Happy,' 'Nice,' and 'Cute' cover her smiling face. "Other people's words or labels don't define you. You define you. Love yourself for who you are and remember – you are amazing," she says.

In less than one month the video has received over 50,000 views online and Brocious continues to receive words of support and encouragement.

Read more about Lauren online: https://laurenbrocious.wordpress.com/ and watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMLQ7kx74AM