Teen embraces grandma for first time in over 2 months through plastic sheet amid COVID-19 quarantine

This family had a wonderful surprise planned for grandma after realizing that not hugging for over two months was too long and they’ve had enough.

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Jody Brooks, 13, of Kilkenny, Ireland, decided to invent a device that would allow himself and his family to give their grandma a big hug, but do so safely.

Video captured on May 21 shows Jody’s grandma running out with joy and embracing her grandson for the first time in months with the hugging device the teen had invented.

Ireland had been put on quarantine in March due to COVID-19 and the family had been unable to visit their grandma, who lived across the street from them.

“We live across the street from granny May and so it has been very hard to see her only through a window and not hav the usual chats at the kitchen table with a nice cup of tea,” Jody’s sister, Emma, said.

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To remedy that, Jody created a hugging device from cling film, two plastic bags and steel poles from an old trampoline, according to Emma.

The surprise was a welcomed one since their grandma was in isolation for more than two months, according to the family.

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