Sweet Martha's takes in $4.7 million at Minnesota State Fair in 2018

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It appears the cookie queen reigns supreme at the Minnesota State Fair.

Tuesday, fair officials released a list of last year's top 10 vendors with the highest grossing revenue. 

At the top of the food chain stands Sweet Matha's Cookie Jar, which brought in more than $4.7 million across its three locations on the fairgrounds. The cookie titan dwarfs the rest of the competition, making over $3 million more than the next vendor on the list.

Top 10 Revenue Grossing Food Vendors of 2018

1. Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar $4,734,587
(3 locations: Carnes Avenue, West Dan Patch Avenue and Underwood Street)

2. Mouth Trap Cheese Curds $1,355,024
(Food Building)

3. Midwest Dairy Association $1,080,042.12
(2 locations: Dairy Bar in the Dairy Building and All You Can Drink Milk on Judson

4. Corn Roast $1,041,010

5. Fresh French Fries $1,022,857 (2 locations: Liggett Street and Judson Avenue)

6. Preferred Pickle $750,937

7. The Blue Barn $687,610.95

8. Carousel BBQ $654,288

9. Miller’s Flavored Cheese Curds $613,449

10. Giggles’ Campfire Grill $555,611.75

Is this list making your mouth water? You've still got a few months to wait out. This year's fair kicks off on August 22.